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Boat Safety and Comfort Systems

Using AI, the Hefring Marine intelligent operating assistant provides a ‘dynamic speedo’ which displays a maximum safe speed that changes depending on prevailing sea conditions and vessel motions, helping the boat to be operated safely and ensuring a comfortable trip for passengers. The system uses sophisticated sensors to analyse the motion of the boat, including the strength and frequency of wave impacts and the boat’s speed. This information is analysed by the system’s AI to determine the boat’s safe operating speed that is displayed on an intuitive, easy to read display.

Forward Look Sonar

Navigate with confidence; reduces the risk of underwater collisions and groundings
-Long range hazard detection gives you time to change course
- Perfect for vessels of all sizes; commercial, military, cruise, exploration and private
- Compact design with mounting options to suit both new-build or retro fit
- Use it with our Sentinel intruder detection sonar for added protection
- Compatible with your existing bridge systems

Intruder Detection Sonar

Sentinel detects, tracks and classifies divers and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) approaching a protected asset from any direction and alerts security personnel to the threat. With the ability to identify targets at ranges of up to 1,500 metres*, Sentinel takes reliable, long range underwater intruder detection to a new level and since its introduction, has been used in CNI, vessel and VIP protection duties around the world.

Sentinel is small and lightweight so is quick to deploy from a boat, install in a port or fix along a coastline – providing you with an instant underwater security shield. We’ve engineered all the complexity associated with configuring and operating advanced sonar technology into easy-to-use software meaning that your security personnel don’t need to be sonar experts to use it. In fact, once it’s set up, Sentinel can be left to run autonomously.

Uncrewed and Autonomous Surface Vessels

SEA-KIT's remotely-controlled Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) are designed with an adaptable payload area for multiple mission configurations. These vessels can work standalone or as part of a fleet to complete a wide range of tasks faster, cheaper and with less risk to personnel and significantly reduced carbon emissions than traditional, crewed vessels.